Risk Analysis and Assessing Your Key Risk Indicators

November 15 | 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST

Risk Analysis, Assessing Your Key Risk Indicators: Are You Lagging Behind, or Leading the Pack?


Jessica Rice, A.R.M., Risk Management Specialist, City of Charlottesville

Many organizations plan safety initiatives and risk management strategies around prior loss trends. While this methodology is certainly a piece of the puzzle, organizational culture, employee behavior, and other patterns are often overlooked. Effective risk management programs identify trends using historical data, evaluate current behavior and, utilize activities to measure the level of exposure and impact of future events. This webinar will help participants learn how to conduct a holistic risk analysis by employing both lagging and leading Key Risk Indicators to identify emerging trends.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Articulate the difference between lagging and leading Key Risk Indicators and the benefits of each type
  2. Site examples of lagging and leading Key Risk Indicators
  3. Utilize both lagging and leading indicators to conduct a holistic Risk Analysis used to identify loss trends
  4. Utilize a risk analysis to formulate a treatment strategy and initiate the Continuous Improvement process 

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Jessica Rice is the Risk Management Specialist for the City of Charlottesville in Virginia, where she is responsible for overseeing all risk management activities related to public liability, claims management, employee injury prevention, risk financing, risk transfer, and loss control.  She also serves as the City’s organizational expert regarding Occupational Health and Safety, including compliance and auditing, and leading safety teams and initiatives. She holds an Associate of Risk Management (ARM) designation and was a 2016 recipient of the Risk Management Excellence award in Virginia. Jessica currently serves on the PRIMA Education Committee and works with multiple associated task forces.

Jessica’s background includes a degree in Business Administration, with concentration in psychology; 10+ years of experience in organizational development via continuous improvement performance management; and certification in Proactive Leadership and Developing High Performance Teams. Jessica is currently in the process of earning her CSP designation through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.